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The Bridge of Light Radio

To present relevant, inspiring and positive messages to communities around the world.  We live in a very complex world where we deal with a multitude of issues (from Civil Rights, Criminal Justice, Income In Equality, Social, Educational and more) Hear the voice within you that won't let you rest until you have joined us At The Bridge so that we can effect as much positive change as possible. So come on, lend your voice and your talents to make a difference...making the world a better place for our children, children's children and more.  Let your light shine, brighten the day. Be the reason for the season of growth today and for generations to come...

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Evelyn Jackson Arrington is the President and Founder of Bridge of Light. In addition to serving as President and Founder of Bridge of Light, Evelyn has served as Operations Manager for MJWJ Global Radio Network, reporting to MJWJ Principals. She has over 35 years of Corporate Experience which includes Sales, Marketing, Public Relations, Communications and Office Management. In her most recent position, she served as Office Manager of NASA’s Orion Vehicle Integration Office (America’s next manned space vehicle). In that role, she was responsible for integration of different engineering disciplines--including tracking and compliance with Orion’s contractors’ scope of work, as well as coordination of the office itself.  She also served as Managing editor of NASA Orion Press Newsletter and assisted in coordination of PA1 Flight test events at Kennedy Space Station. See full bio here.

President & Founder