Have you ever been there? You are currently in a meeting and suddenly you make a brilliant statement...you think I need to write that down; great brochure message. Well, why not record your company brochure with an interview you can post on your website or send out as an audio advertisement for your company; and for a one-time fee you can share over and over again through your website or mass-mailing.​ ​ Whatever your company needs, we can record quality audio.

$150.00 to record for one-hour.
$200.00 to record for two-hours.


Live Radio

Contact us to reserve a date and time to record your live radio show with the guest of your choice. IT'S TIME TO HAVE YOUR VOICE HEARD AND YOUR MESSAGE DELIVERED. 60 Minute Air Time Packages (Broadcast Weekly) are offered at an extremely reasonable price. Send Us A Request!

Studio Rental

A reserved semester slot for your organization to send a representative to intern/train in multiple areas with Bridge of Light and Bridge of Light Radio which include:

  • Sound Engineering
  • Events Coordinating
  • Public Relations
  • Grant & Fundraisers

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