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The Dew @ 5p
Minister Evelyn Arrington


Church of Ephesus @ 8a, 5p
Pastor Joseph T Lewis
The Business Doctor @ 6p
Errol Jones


What Do The People Have To Say @ 5:30p
Shelby and Dennis
Church of Ephesus @ 6p
Pastor Joseph T Lewis

Under Construction...


The Crossing @ 7a, 4p
Minister Antoinette Bell


The Dew @ 10a, 7p
Minister Evelyn Arrington
The MOLA Show @ 7p
Dr. Howard Harris


All About You @ 12p
OMG and Friends
America Live @ 11a
Dr. Alan Markoff
Tell Your Story @ 10a
Earl Littman
24/7 Compass@ 7p
The Conleys
So, You Live Well @ 5p
Karen Perry
The Crossing @ 1p
Minister Antoinette Bell
Talking with Ana @ 2p
Ana Rivera


The Bridge Think Tank @ 7p
Atty. Sharon Moses
Hart2Hart @ 7p
The Lockharts
Perspectives @ 6p
Robert Jackson
The Sports Court @ 7p
Greg Beatty

The Bridge of Light Radio

Programming Schedule

Under Construction @ 8p
The Shen Space Show @ 6p
Shen Ge
Hart2Hart @ 9a, 6p
The Lockharts
Community Matters @ 12p
Donna Shanklin